European Web apps in the news

originalsignal.PNGAnother day, another dose of betas. Looking in on sites like Original Signal that aggregate popular tech sites, most of these new web apps, it appears, are much of a muchness. I wouldn’t shout ‘the king has no clothes’, I don’t think that would be true. In fact I think he’s well dressed and going places. It’s just that if something new shows its face then the majority of the tech sites share the same angle on it, in between enthusiastic write ups about their latest beta findings.

It’s these overly enthusiastic articles about a seen-it-before-service that is so beta it’s a screenshot, that smack of reviews-for-cash and are becoming more widespread, even on the good rep sites, that are annoying – don’t you think?
Enough ranting! It does go without saying that an article on one of these top tech sites is a timely leg-up for any new born beta. A couple of European sites will find themselves higher up the ranks this week:

Jimdo – a free website creator tool from Germany got a pretty good write up on Webware.

Swedish start-up Xcerion will have felt the traffic surge after an article from Om Malik over at GigaOm. Xcerion calls itself an Internet OS as does Malik but reading Robin Good’s WebOS a mini-guide, it makes me wonder if this definition is correct.

Then there was Dopplr from Finland – “The coolest app I saw at ETech, by far…” according to Marc Hudlan on the O’Rielly Radar. Looks like a Google Maps mashup for folk that travel a lot…but then we can’t really tell because the beta is still private…screenshots anyone?

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