Netvibes leading the Widget race

Netvibes looks set to take the lead in the – Highest number of widgets available on you personalized start page – race.

images_uploadnetvibes_logo.gif In a statement made by Pierre Chappaz, co CEO at Netvibes, during the Web2 summit in San Fransisco – Netvibes say they are going to integrate the use of Google gadgets, of which there are 1,531 (although it can be discussed as to whether or not some of these qualify as widgets & not just RSS feeds)

Add those to the 391 already available and Netvibes are furlongs ahead of Microsoft’s with 442 to date. Then there’s the likes of Pageflakes with 120 widgets available, but then again Pageflakes are more community based and maybe less interested in a widget arms race. Afterall how many widgets do you need on your start page?

Netvibes like Pageflakes is a European venture, created by frenchman Tariq Krim, its been online for a year now and has over 7 million users, up 2 million since september. Half of those using Netvibes are in the USA.

12 thoughts on “Netvibes leading the Widget race”

  1. Usernumbers communicated are based on what metrics? Cookies created? Signups? Visits?

    Widgetrace is indeed not the key. By the way – a large percentage of those widgest are merely RSS feed based. The real “need” for those remains questionable.

    Good to see that Europe is being a good place to start independent businesses again.

    Ole Brandenburg

  2. That’s a very good point Ole, there are a lot of figures brandied about on the Net, accompanied by little if any, hard factual evidence.

    As for the ‘7 million users’ I can can only point you to my source of that information –

    “Au fait, nous en avons profité pour annoncer que les Widgets Google tournent maintenant sur Netvibes… qui a dépassé 7 millions d’utilisateurs en Octobre (dont une moitié aux US)”.

    This is a direct quote of Pierre Chappaz who is joint CEO along with Tariq Karim over at Netvibes, and was taken from his blog – Kelblog.
    When he says ‘users’ I take it to mean, people who have personalized the Netvibes start page and are signed in.

    If we can’t believe the CEO’s…

  3. I will refrain from commenting here because I think it’s pointless to argue metrics that are obviously misleading.

    Hint: Check the number of users who bookmark Pageflakes vs those number of users who bookmark Netvibes (delicious). That gives you some realistic ideas.

    Best regards
    Ole Brandenburg

  4. I can only point to where the information comes from, as being a ‘hopefully’ reliable source. As I said, if we can’t believe the CEO, who can we believe?

    This may be a little naive on my part, I grant you, but I’m not in a position to verify the absolute accuracy of the figures given by Pierre Chappaz on his blog
    But then, who is?

    Thank you Ole, for your opinions on this subject, sorry if my article disappointed you in some way.

    ps: if anyone else has an opinion on this, I would be glad to here from them

  5. Ole, I understand that you are a netvibes competitor and that trying to understimate their number of users is part of your job but I don’t understand your point about delicious.
    I checked on the site and Netvibes was saved by 14220 people while Pageflakes was only saved by 3607 users. Would it mean that they have 3 times more people than you? (Btw, I never saw on delicious a site which has been saved by more users than Netvibes)
    I really think this method of calculation is stupid because only 8551 saved Google’s homepage and I don’t think Netvibes has more users than Google…

  6. Thanks for the figures Enrique, I hadn’t got around to looking myself. I did however, ask Pierre Chappaz to comment –
    quote “merci Andrew mais je ne me sens pas obligé de répondre, je vous invite a regarder Alexa”

    Fair dues I suppose, he’s in San Fransisco covering the Web 2.0 Summit and probably has better to do than answer number-crunching questions from Europe.

    The French have an expression ‘On cherche le poile sur l’oeuf’ which means – ‘we are looking for a hair on the egg’ No?

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