The Google vs Bing turf-wars take another turn.

Google vs Bing in platform space

This week saw the release of Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 7. It also saw Siri the “intelligent” personal assistant for the iPhone  quietly come out of Beta. And no sooner was he in long trousers than he was kicking Google out of the front door.

Bing will now be the in-house Search Engine on the iPhone, though it is said there will be those who could easily overlook this fact due to all search results being kept “within” Siri.

So there will be none of Bing’s ads served nor any Branding for that matter. Microsoft will no doubt be happy regardless – it could prove to be a very valuable in-road.

First we take the iPhone next we take Safari, then we take the world!”

That’s if iPhone users show little resistance. Of course, for the time being at least,  they can still start a request for information with one command word on Siri and be guaranteed  better search results:

“Err Google… ”


Deezer raises massive booster-fund

Deezer the free music streaming service from France is set to receive €100 million ($130 million) in funding from the owners of Warner Music – Access Industries, according to the French newspaper Le Figaro 5th Oct. 2012.

This could should will (hopefully) prove to be a timely shot-in-the-arm for the pioneering ad-based unlimited free music service that paved the way for the likes of Spotify.

Available in over 100 countries – compared to Spotify’s 15 or so – Deezer has had it’s fair share of teething (lawsuit) problems in the past and bounced back. Although these days the site seemsto have undergone a steep drop in interest, if we take Google Trends as read. This to the benefit of Spotify notably.

Kickstarter Spreads to the UK this Autumn

Up until now, anyone with a creative project wanting to secure funding on the  platform Kickstarters had to jump through loopholes creating U.S. bank accounts and/or stateside partners. You could always “pledge to projects from anywhere — it’s only project creation that’s limited.”  But, as tweeted by the Kickstarter team earlier this month, as of Autumn 2012 this is no more. To understand their enormously successful business model here is a short quote from their site:

As you know, every Kickstarter project has a funding goal and deadline, both of which are determined by the project creator. When that deadline is reached, one of two things happens:

  1. If the project has met or exceeded its funding goal, all backers’ credit cards are instantly charged and funds go directly to the project creator.
  2. If the project has not met its funding goal, all pledges are immediately canceled. And that’s it.

Amazon Payments is the only processor that currently supports these requirements, and currently Amazon Payments does not support non-US recipients — meaning that you need a US bank account and address to launch a project on Kickstarter.

But since last year Amazon Payments have been rolling-out internationally which has no doubt made it easier for Kickstater to expand into the UK.

Good news for UK Artists, developers, entrepreneurs etc. Though, as would be expected, there are many other crowd-funding platforms available in the UK and Europe it would appear Kickstarter takes the biscuit – or if crowd-funding was an Olympic discipline it would be another Gold Medal for U.S.A. Just take a shufti at the Top Funded Projects Page for an idea of how well this platform is supported by a dynamic community of investors..

Crowd-finding is a powerful concept; one that is quite rightly receiving a lot of attention these days.The recent hullabaloo could be due for the most part to the astounding amounts of money pledged to projects on Kickstarters “…the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.”

Is Facebook Preparing An AdSense Competitor?

Google Facebook Ads Face-off

There’s been a lot of speculation about this for a while now and perhaps the question shouldn’t be – will they – but when will they? Now that are integrating Facebook ads onto their website, is this the first trickle before the sluice gates are finally opened to online publishers?

As Jon Mitchell puts it on the RWW

“Facebook knows who you are. Google knows what you’re looking for. Which piece of information is more valuable? The future of online advertising – and the ad-driven, free sites we use every day – hinges on the answer”

Could a Facebook ad network ever be a serious Adversary for Google’s AdSense network? Well, consider the spread of Social Media Widgets among these ad-driven, free sites we use every day.

From SEL“Facebook Dominates Web With More Home Page Integration Than Google+, Twitter Combined. All Links from Top 10,000 Home Pages to Social Networks. Caveat: these are official widgets only.

• Facebook – 49.3 percent
• Twitter – 41.7 percent
• Google+ – 21.5 percent
• LinkedIn – 3.9 percent

As for the Mitchell statement, could be that – on most content driven websites -the potential knowledge garnered by Facebook will produce ads more pertinent to a visiting FB user than anything a Search Engine could ever come up with.

Re-targeting ads have already gone someway in combating banner blindness – but the FB ads could prove to be a real eye tug.

3D driving maps mashup

I love maps and and this is a natty little map-mash from Gaiagi to add to the photo explorer and flight tracker. It uses the Google Earth browser plugin which is still Windows only unfortunately.

Not only does Gaiagi take you on a virtual drive through Google Maps driving directions with the browser plug-in but it also throws Street View and Virtual Earth’s ‘Bird’s Eye’ view into the mix #googlemapsmania

3d driving stimulator from Gaiagi
3d driving simulator from Gaiagi